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    I love this photo because you can see Beyonce and Jay-Z’s face and they both look ecstatic

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  2. VMAS 2014: History Will BEY Made

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    Flashback🍸🍸My 21st birthday invitation. 🎈🎈80’s Skate party in ATL🐝Good times !

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  4. "Beyoncé’s performance is very ambitious — I don’t think anyone’s tried this before. We’re expecting this to go down in VMAs history."

  5. Will Smith does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Jay Z and Beyoncé to do it the at the same time


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    Yooooo I found the video!! Here

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    Beyoncé VMA Seating Plan

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    when u just woke up and your mom is already talking shit

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    here’s my Beyoncé appreciation print for Print Club London’s Blisters: The Sound Sessions show.

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  13. Beyoncé and Jay Z’s 2013 Cuba trip declared legal

    Beyonce and Jay Z don’t have to be “On the Run” anymore.

    A nine-page report released on Wednesday by the Treasury Department’s Office of Inspector General states that the power couple, whose legal names are Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Shawn Carter, did not violate any U.S. sanctions laws during their visit to Cuba last year.

    Their April 2013 trip, around the time of their fifth wedding anniversary, was highly criticized. It sparked discussion that the two might have engaged in tourist activities that are illegal under the U.S. embargo against Cuba. Under current law and regulation, travel to the island nation is only permitted under license.

    The report states that the couple’s trip to Cuba was properly licensed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control under the “people-to-people” educational exchange program. The license was issued to a nonprofit organization that has a mission to promote education in the fields of art, architecture and the decorative arts.

    There were concerns that the two might have abused the terms of the license by engaging in too many tourist activities such as a welcome dinner, a walking tour of various Cuban neighborhoods and visits to see student artwork and theater performances. But, the report concludes that all activities followed the terms of the license.

    "We believe OFAC’s determination that there was no apparent violation of U.S. sanctions with respect to Jay Z and Beyoncé’s trip to Cuba," the report states.

    The criticism following the couple’s trip prompted Jay Z to respond to detractors with an open letter.

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  14. Dawnamatrix allegedly got the order of 71 LATEX PIECES for Beyoncé’s dancers at the VMAs

    Dawnamatrix just ‘got the gig’ to deliver 71 garments to Beyoncé for the pop diva’s 16 dancers for this Sunday’s Video Music Awards on MTV!

    All we can say is wow…but then again it is a well deserved job for a hard working company.

    Beyoncé’s stylist, Marni Serofonte ordered pieces of various latex (what anyone would consider very sex stuff indeed) after seeing a Dawnamatrix outfit accessory in a recent Andrew Richardson shoot with Linda Evangelista. L.E. was wearing a very distinctive Dawnamatrix piece, something Dawnamtarix makes very well indeed, and Serofonte was impressed enough to start history-as-it-is-being made over at the Dawnamatix camp.

    We’d love to tell you exactly what the pieces are, but the mystery will be revealed soon enough…and of course when you tune into the VMA broadcast to watch what Beyoncé and crew get up to.



  15. Anonymous said: When is the tour gonna be live? Is it today? After how may hours?

    If you mean when they are airing the OTR Tour concert event on HBO, it’s on September 20th @ 9PM